Brexit No Deal? Your Money-Back Guarantee

Money-back guarantee in the event of a Brexit 'No Deal'.
Money-back guarantee in the event of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit

Deal or No Deal?

Unfortunately Brexit isn’t a TV gameshow.

Although it does seem like a game of brinkmanship, with negotiations looking like they’ll go down to ‘The Wire’.  (See how I slipped in another TV series?)

If the UK leaves the EU without an agreement in place, it is possible that there will be no flights between the United Kingdom and the EU.

Ryanair are adding a ‘Brexit clause’ to all tickets for travel after 29thMarch 2019. It will warn customers that their tickets may not be valid if aviation regulation is disrupted in the event of a ‘No Deal’. If that happens, passengers will be refunded. Other airlines are sure to follow.

We’re offering our own money-back guarantee. Anyone who books our townhouse and has to cancel, due to their flights being cancelled because of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit, will have their deposit refunded in full. *

So that’s our little bit of Project Cheer.


* Here’s the small print:

  • Your flights must be cancelled due to aviation regulation being disrupted, following a UK ‘No Deal’ withdrawal from the EU.
  • We’ll need a copy of your flight booking cancellation notice.
  • Your reservation must be cancelled in writing by 21st April 2019.
  • Cancellation by email on will be accepted. If you haven’t had confirmation of your cancellation from us by 20th April 2019, please ring 0161 431 5297.

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